Why I’m Here

I began my blogging journey with Tumblr, introduced¬†by my old roommate¬†last year. It was a bit too confusing for me, so I gave it up shortly after starting. I ressurected the tumblr blog this year with hopes of seeing it through, getting my views and opinions out there in blog form. Unfortunately, I found out that it was overflowing with “hipster” teenagers that are old enough to hang out with my little brother. I’ll admit, I got caught up and began reblogging useless pictures that has no meaning what-so-ever to them, and following blogs simply because they promised to “follow back”. I really wanted my opinions out there, but to be honest, the people I follow probably couldn’t care less about what I had to write. I realized that I had lost sight of what I was initially there to do: Write, share, and read. I wanted to be a part of a community of writers and readers; a group with similar interests. That plan failed. Soo.. Now I’m here on WordPress. I’m writing for myself. I’m not looking for any followers or anyone to follow. I learned the hard way that I get easily distracted. And as the name states, I’m strictly Littly, meaning there will be a great deal of literature; writing, book reviews, and so fourth. I’m a little excited to start this new journey.