Being an English Major

This started out as a scholarship essay, but I went off topic slightly, and I only had a 250 word limit so I decided to post it here. Also, this is not edited.

Anyone who goes to college with the intentions of earning a degree in English surely must love what they do. What I mean by this is that after graduation and you are settled into a career (granted the job market falls in your favor), an English major will not make enough money to call one’s self rich, or very wealthy. So why would one go through four years of spending thousands of dollars on getting an education in a field that doesn’t promise high economic growth? The answer is simple. English majors get a thrill out of reading hundreds of pages a night to participate in discussions and debates in class the next day. They are rewarded by the journey to lands that is only accessible through books and creating another through their own writing for others to enjoy.

Just the other day, I ran into a woman who had just earned her master’s in fiction writing, which is my minor. She told me that she was from Chicago, and had just graduated from graduate school. She was taking a break, traveling the country, and writing because she was unable to find a job in her field. That particularly both upset me and brightened up my day. It upset me because I envisioned that she was I in the future, not having a job after countless years of preparation. It also made me happy because I know that, like I, she loves what she do, and is taking advantage of the time off to enhance her writing. She could have just been moping around the house, hating herself and everything around her, but she stayed positive. That is the plus side to being an English major. You go in with a passion, and leave with that same desire.