Expanding My Horizons

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not really pushing myself enough as a writer. For one, I haven’t had much time to write much since I’ve been busy with volunteering, classes, athletics, the school paper, and trying to have a decent social life. When I do have the time to write (leisurely), I write non-fiction things that are related to politics, feminism, or my life. I can’t remember the last time I wrote a short story, or a decent poem, and that’s just about where my writing capabilities end. I want to venture out and explore all that I’m capable of doing. I want to at least attempt to write a scene of a play before I write it off, declaring that I hate it or am not good at it. I want to write a song and actually have it performed. Basically, I want to challenge my writing. Therefore, starting today, I’m going to compile a “To Do” list for myself to complete in the near future, no matter how tough it will be for me. The list will look something like this:

To Do:

1. Write a compelling short story

2. Compile a portfolio of all new poetry

3. Write an essay

4. Write a song (any genre)

5. Write one scene of a play


At the moment, this is all I can think of. If anyone have any other suggestions for me, I’d appreciate it. I’m actually looking forward to completing this list. Hopefully something good will come out of this?