My Take on the Situation

I have not been following the George Zimmerman case from day-to-day, but I have been skimming through articles and watching CNN whenever it happened to be on my tv set. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t be able to give a sound opinion of the situation.

I remember when Zimmerman first shot and killed Trayvon Martin. I was browsing through Tumblr and came across a post about a Florida man getting away with killing an innocent 17-year-old boy. I was immediately outraged by that and had signed a petition to seek justice for the young boy’s death. In the weeks that followed, I heard that Zimmerman would be held accountable for his actions and the case will go to court. After hearing that, it gave me hope that Zimmerman would eventually serve time in prison which is what I think he deserves.

Fast forward to 13 July 2013.

Upon hearing that the man who took the life of an innocent boy; Trayvon Martin,  was found not guilty on all charges, I was outraged. Of course no one truly knows exactly what happened between the two besides Zimmerman and Martin, but we do know the basics. Zimmerman deliberately chose to follow Martin because he looked suspicious. I think we can safely call that racial profiling. Strike one for Zimmerman. We also know that Zimmerman got out of his car to confront Martin instead of simply calling the police like a real neighborhood watch person is supposed to do. Strike two for Zimmerman. Lastly, we know that the two got into a physical fight and Zimmerman pulled the trigger on Martin, taking his life away. Strike three for Zimmerman. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t three strikes mean that you’re out? So why did Zimmerman get away with murder and with a devilish smirk on his face? Because the justice system in this country is screwed up.

I believe anyone who takes the life of an innocent; especially if it’s caused by racial profiling, should get professional mental help and get sent to prison. George Zimmerman had absolutely no right to get out of his car to follow a 17-year-old boy. He should have stayed in his car and a life would’ve been saved that day.

The impact this has on me…

My heart aches to know that racism still exists in this “post-racial” world. Even though everyone claims that this case has absolutely nothing to do with race, I think it has everything to do with race. Trayvon was followed and killed because he portrayed a typical black gangster you would see in the media. He had on a black hoodie and Zimmerman took that as a threat to his life. I think if anything should be learnt from this trial is that black people; especially black men; are severely misrepresented. Not all black men are threatening; just like all black men are not perfect angels, and this can be said about every race. I just wish that everyone knew that every single life is unique and that we cannot be grouped into single categories.

A supposed solution…

I know I follow a lot of writers, aspiring authors, and artists. We can make the change that this world needs to see. So I propose to my followers and anyone who reads this to challenge the norm in their artwork. A simple change from clichéd, stereotypical characters will go a long way!

Final thoughts…

Even though I think I should, I do not hate George Zimmerman. I believe he has a lot of growing to do as a person and that can be aided and progressed with professional mental health.

Thank You .


Just for Us

We lay in the cool meadow

Our backs toward the Earth

Staring up at the glowing sky

Observing two stars orbiting each other

In a smooth waltz.

We float toward the heavens

As the grass whispers sweet sounds of parting

In our ears.

Floating upward

Blowing kisses to clouds

We allow our bodies to defy gravity

As we soar higher

Our surroundings grow brighter

Lit by the illuminating stars

Reaching and soaring for a new destination .

We dance


                        Drift off to a new world

Created just for us.