Something happened when you left me alone in your room that day. Pacing the ground as I lay on your floor. Knees to my chest, head down and forward.

Your shrine became mine; I pray. With tears storming in the crevices; I lay. Still, I lay. I pray that you don’t find me here, in here; on your floor begging myself for forgiveness.

Something magical happened that day and before. The night became ours, I became yours. We play.

Rejoicing in the seconds that build the hours. Succumbing to a desire I don’t deserve.

Nevertheless, I’m yours.

Until time freezes. Until space decreases. Until the sun turns blue. Until the stars touch the moon.

Til dirt slowly evaporates. Til air quickly suffocates. Til love burns like hate.

Something happened that day when I left. Empty feelings of possession filled my essence. Universal suffrage brought partial happiness.

Longing. I long for something I’m not sure existed. Longing, I hold tightly onto non-existence. I suffer in happiness. I die in bliss. You die in vain. We die in pain.

You left me alone.

In your room. On your floor; in your space. Time turned absolute. My tears turned into streaming thoughts of truth. Here, you left me alone. And yet, here I am,

Still yours.

Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash


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